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Opening up is not a bad thing

I have trust issues and I am way too reserved, but I learned how good people can make you feel when you decide to trust them. If you meet me in person, we can spend one entire year together and probably you still wouldn't know me well because I wouldn't let you in my life:… Continue reading Opening up is not a bad thing

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One year of Bullet Journaling – July 2018

One year ago I started Bullet Journaling... Let's do a year recap! Last year, in the middle of July, I came across bullet journaling for the first time in my life. I didn't know what it was and definitely didn't know if it would have worked, but since I have never been able to keep… Continue reading One year of Bullet Journaling – July 2018

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Makeup Reorganization

I am moving in less than three weeks, and I wanted to organize my makeup because of it... I should have done it before. For years my makeup has been migrating from pouch to pouch, upgrading to a pretty bowl from time to time, but always extremely disorganized. Besides the fact that I will move,… Continue reading Makeup Reorganization

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Poppy Apparel Shop clothing Haul

I didn't know about Poppy Apparel Shop until they emailed me asking to become an ambassador for the brand.I Took a look over their website and since the prices are pretty good as well, I decided to give it a go; the clothes looked nice and once they arrived I realized that the quality is… Continue reading Poppy Apparel Shop clothing Haul

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My librarian Journey: University Internship

I spent six months as a librarian, and it was definitely the best experience University has offered me by far. The fact that I don't like Uni is not a myth or a secret, I've always been pretty clear about the reason why I am in Uni and my goals (little recap: I want to… Continue reading My librarian Journey: University Internship

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Essence Metal Shock eyeshadow

They are cheap, colorful and pretty. But are they good? I got truly interested in liquid eyeshadows after I bought a few before Christmas by Kiko cosmetics, they were part of a limited edition collection and I regretted not getting them before when there was a bigger color range. But, let's stick with the Essence… Continue reading Essence Metal Shock eyeshadow

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Bullet Journal Notes Board

Sometimes we just need to throw our thoughts somewhere. I spent months and months trying to fill a blank spot on my monthly log page under the habits' tracker, I tried with daily quote spots in which I write something every day, I did a blog posts planner and just a blank spot in which… Continue reading Bullet Journal Notes Board

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Getting your life back on track

My life has recently turned into a mess. I am the worst when it comes to being organized and all put together, I just get lost somewhere without realizing how easily and quickly I am destroying what I've been working on; suddenly, then, I look around and think: how the heck did I get myself… Continue reading Getting your life back on track