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Gifted – Movie Talks

"He wanted me before I was smart" This movie makes you think about things you have never thought before, it's just so touchy and beautiful, starring some of my favourite actors, like Chris Evan and Octavia Spencer. I bet that a lot of you saw at least once on Instagram (if you spend some time… Continue reading Gifted – Movie Talks

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Getting over a reading slump

Reading slumps suck. During my life as a big reader, I've experienced from time to time reading slumps that usually lasted no more than a week, but that single week was already a huge deal form since I was (and am) the kind of reader who goes through three to five book per month. In… Continue reading Getting over a reading slump

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How to use Liquid Highlighter

Every product has its own formula and liquid highlighter is by far something that needs a little bit of practice. I really like to put highlighter on, even if I prefer a subtle, natural glow to a sparkling and blinding highlight; liquid highlighter can be perfect for both situations. I won't talk about a product… Continue reading How to use Liquid Highlighter

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January Wrap Up and February TBR / Book Talk

Oh, January, you brought me a bitter disappointment. Hello! Ready to shame me for how little I have been reading? I am! So, I didn't read much in January, mostly because this month I finished a book that I started reading in November... Yes, November, it took me about two months to read that damn… Continue reading January Wrap Up and February TBR / Book Talk

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Makeup tips for glasses

Glasses can be gorgeous and funny or just annoying, it's really up to you. Eyeglasses have been my close pal for almost ten years, switched on contact lenses from time to time, and wearing makeup with them on can drive to quite a few issues. Nice makeup looks are not really visible through glasses, wearing… Continue reading Makeup tips for glasses

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3 pasta sauces with 4 ingredients or less

Let me tell you about 3 classic and delicious pasta dishes that are extremely easy to make and don't require much. So, if you don't know, I am Italian, born and raised in Italy and I still live here; I also am a pretty good cook and I am a living stereotype since I love… Continue reading 3 pasta sauces with 4 ingredients or less

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Best Reads of 2018

Books are my drug and, even if I've read less than what I was expecting to, I had the time to read a whole bunch of good books. Something I noticed this year is that I've been attracted by new genres and stories, putting aside fantasy and dystopian novel to prefer contemporary novel (that I… Continue reading Best Reads of 2018